Can You Substitute Sardines for Anchovies? 5 Easy Substitutes

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So can you substitute sardines for anchovies? Yes, sardines can be substituted for anchovies in most recipes. Sardines and anchovies are both small, oily fish often used in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Can You Substitute Sardines for Anchovies? Find Out!

Both fish have a strong, distinctive flavor that can add depth and complexity to dishes. However, sardines tend to be larger and less salty than anchovies, so you may need to adjust the seasoning of your recipe accordingly.

How to Substitute Sardines for Anchovies?

The Sardines can be used in the same way as anchovies in recipes such as pizzas, pasta dishes, and salads. When substituting sardines for anchovies, it’s best to use canned sardines that have been packed in oil, as they will have a similar texture and flavor to anchovies. Simply chop or mash the sardines before adding them to the recipe. Keep in mind that sardines are usually larger than anchovies so you may need to adjust the amount used in a recipe.

What Else Can You Substitute?

Depending on the recipe and the desired flavor profile, several types of fish can be used as a substitute for anchovies or sardines. Some options include:

Herring: Herring is another small, oily fish often used in Mediterranean and northern European cuisine. It has a similar texture and flavor to anchovies and sardines but is less salty and pungent.

Mackerel: Mackerel is a larger, meatier fish with a similar texture to sardines. It has a strong, fishy flavor that can add depth and complexity to dishes but may be less salty than anchovies.

Smoked fish: Smoked fish, such as smoked salmon, trout, or whitefish, can substitute for anchovies in recipes that call for a smoky flavor.

Tuna: Tuna is a larger fish, but it can be used as a substitute for anchovies in certain dishes, it is a good choice if you want to add a more substantial fish flavor.

Salmon: Salmon is a larger fish with a milder flavor than anchovies and sardines, but can be used as a substitute in certain dishes where the fish flavor is not the main focus.

It’s important to note that each fish has its own unique flavor and texture, so the final dish may taste different if you use a substitute.


Without a doubt, herring can be an ideal replacement for anchovies in any recipe requiring small fish. Both have an intense taste and similar texture, so they can easily substitute each other’s role.

Herring as a substitute for anchovies

Nevertheless, the flavor of herring may not be as strong as its counterpart’s; thus, you should consider using more, if necessary, to achieve the desired level of savor.


Mackerel is an ideal substitution for anchovies in salads, pizzas, and pasta dishes. It brings out a unique flavor unlike any other fish, but its curing or canning eliminates the need to add further seasoning! With mackerel, you get a classic taste with all of the convenience.

Mackerel as an anchovies substitute

The texture of mackerel may not be suitable for some recipes that require anchovies’ unique consistency; however, this difference adds layers of complexity overall. Also worth noting: Mackerel costs more than anchovies – though if you’re looking for gourmet flavors on your plate without breaking the bank too much, then mackerel should be your go-to choice!

Please note that mackerel is a stronger flavored fish than anchovies, and depending on the recipe, it might change the flavor profile of the dish. Also, keep in mind that the texture of mackerel might not be the same as anchovies, it might be flakier and less oily.

Smoked Fish

If you want to substitute smoked fish for anchovies in a recipe, you can use any smoked fish you like. Some popular options include smoked salmon, mackerel, and trout.

If you have smoked fish, almost any kind of smoked fish can be substituted for anchovies

The dish’s flavor may be different than if anchovies were used, but it can still be delicious. Remember that the texture may also be different, depending on the type of fish you use.


Tuna can be substituted for anchovies in a recipe, but it will have a different taste and texture. Tuna is a larger fish with a milder flavor and a firmer texture, while anchovies have a strong, salty flavor and a soft, oily texture.

It’s recommended to use less tuna than anchovies called for in a recipe since Tuna is more flavorful and can overpower the dish. Additionally, if a recipe calls for anchovies to be mashed into a paste, Tuna will not be the best substitute.


If you would like to substitute salmon for anchovies in a recipe, it’s essential to keep in mind that the two ingredients have different textures and flavors. Salmon is a thicker, meatier fish with a milder taste compared to anchovies which are saltier and have a more robust flavor.

When using salmon as a substitute for anchovies, you may need to add additional seasonings to the recipe to compensate for the milder taste of the salmon. Additionally, you may want to chop or puree the salmon before adding it to the recipe to mimic the texture of anchovies. It is also important to note that the cooking time may be different with the salmon, so you may need to adjust it accordingly.


In this article you learned about Can You Substitute Sardines for Anchovies. The decision to substitute anchovies for another type of fish depends on the desired flavor and texture of the final dish. Herring, mackerel, smoked fish, tuna, and salmon are all acceptable substitutes for anchovies that offer their own unique flavors and textures. However, keep in mind that additional seasonings may be necessary depending on the ingredient used as well as possible changes to cooking times. Ultimately, choosing a substitution is totally up to you! With careful consideration of ingredients and techniques, you can easily create delicious dishes with whichever fish you prefer.

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