How Many Calories in a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte

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Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes are low in both calories and sugar content, making them an excellent option for people watching their weight. Furthermore, these lattes contain less fat than standard ones.

Make the perfect mocha by pouring two espresso shots over steamed nonfat milk. Garnish it with whipped cream or cinnamon powder as desired!


Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes are low-cal coffee drinks made with espresso shots, milk, and vanilla syrup. This drink can typically be found served warm, and comes in various sizes such as short (8 oz), tall (12 oz), or venti (20 oz). Their caloric intake varies based on both its size and type of milk used – however its total calorie count varies based on these variables.

Starbucks provides customers with several milk options, such as soy, almond, and coconut milks that are lower in calories than dairy milk and may help those looking to reduce sugar intake. It should be noted that these drinks still contain caffeine which could potentially cause jitters or an increased heart rate in certain people.

A skinny vanilla latte includes espresso, vanilla syrup and milk as its foundation; additionally it includes whipped cream and sugar as toppings. Whipped cream contains high amounts of saturated fat that may increase cholesterol levels; to avoid this increase in cholesterol use non-dairy milk instead.

An easy and delicious skinny vanilla latte requires minimal ingredients and preparation time, making it the ideal drink to customize to suit individual taste buds. Customization options may include adding additional shots of espresso, caramel drizzles or using alternative sweeteners – with each option adding just an additional 65-100cals per beverage, without too much added sugar that could lead to weight gain.

At home, making a skinny vanilla latte can save money and be enjoyable! Start by brewing a strong cup of coffee – be it with a French press, drip coffee maker or espresso machine – before mixing vanilla extract or sugar-free vanilla syrup and topping off your drink with some ice cubes for optimal enjoyment!

Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes contain different amounts of calories depending on their size and milk source, including how many carbs there are (9 g net carbs in total for one). A short skinny vanilla latte contains only 60 calories with no fat grams or caffeine milligrams present; in comparison, venti skinny vanilla lattes made with 2% milk contain over double this number! For maximum calorie reduction try ordering tall skinny lattes made with nonfat soy or soymilk instead for reduced calorie count.


Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes are made with low-fat milk, sugar-free vanilla syrup and espresso, and can be customized to your individual tastes or dietary preferences. There are four sizes: short, tall, grande and venti. Each has different serving amounts. A short drink typically contains two pumps of syrup while tall drinks contain three while grande beverages offer four pumps each. In addition, Starbucks provides soymilk, almond milk coconut milk and oat milk as alternatives to dairy beverages that offer reduced calories while helping those lactose intolerant or sensitive individuals avoid dairy consumption.

One of the key factors when creating a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte is serving size. Although a skinny latte contains less calories than its standard counterpart, it is still important to track and manage serving sizes for weight control and to understand exactly how much fat there is in this beverage so you can prevent overeating and weight gain. Furthermore, it is vital that you know how much fat is present so as to avoid any unnecessary additions of high-fat ingredients such as extra butter.

Another way to reduce calories in a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte is by opting for sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit sweetener in place of regular sugar. This will help lower carbohydrate consumption and may provide a healthier solution when trying to control blood sugar levels. It is important to keep in mind, though, that these products are unregulated by FDA and may contain various chemicals which could negatively impact your health.

For a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte, begin by brewing and cooling an espresso coffee, before combining it with nonfat milk and vanilla syrup in a blender until foamy. Next, add your espresso shot, blend some more, and serve your beverage! For an added bit of sweetness you may choose to garnish your beverage with cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings or even whipped cream as garnish.

Add flavor with sugar-free syrups; regular syrups contain high levels of calories and fat. Furthermore, be aware that flavored syrups may contain artificial sweeteners which could potentially cause digestive issues.

Nutrition facts

Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes are low-cal beverages that contain only 120 calories. Made of nonfat milk mixed with sugar-free syrup and no trans fats, the beverage also boasts no gluten and trans fats – perfect for those trying to limit caloric intake while still needing caffeine boost! At home you can make one yourself using espresso mixed with steamed nonfat milk, sugar-free syrup and natural sweetener; blend these in a blender before pouring. Choose from soya bean almond coconut or oat nonfat milks when heating for best results when heated for best frothing results when heating for optimal frothing effect when heated for best results.

The skinny vanilla latte offers low calorie count while being an excellent source of potassium and calcium, along with antioxidant folic acid. Furthermore, this beverage contains no saturated fat or cholesterol while providing plenty of essential nutrition – although its high carbohydrate count could pose problems when trying to lose weight or manage blood sugar levels.

While skinny vanilla lattes may seem like a healthy choice, they still contain sugars like vanilla syrup and natural sugars found in nonfat milk that may contribute to obesity and diabetes in excess. As such, it’s essential that we monitor calorie consumption carefully and drink in moderation for best health outcomes.

When ordering a skinny vanilla latte, always ask the barista how many pumps of syrup have been used in its creation. Three pumps may be sufficient for tall or short size beverages while four or five pumps will suffice when ordering grande- or venti-sized drinks – this information will allow you to determine how much syrup to add yourself.

Making your Starbucks skinny vanilla latte healthier requires only some tweaks: add water or skip the whipped cream altogether; try switching up milk types; reduce syrup quantities; or try their Caffe Misto which contains just 80 Calories per Tall (12oz).

Health risks

Slim vanilla lattes are an increasingly popular choice among those looking to reduce calories without giving up the taste they love of coffee drinks. Unfortunately, however, they may contain added sugars and artificial ingredients which could potentially damage health. Furthermore, some contain ingredients which could trigger reactions for those with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

The Skinny Vanilla Latte is an iconic Starbucks beverage which combines espresso shots with nonfat milk steamed at low temperature and sugar-free vanilla syrup for a tasty low-cal, low-fat beverage. Ideal for weight loss or maintaining a healthy diet, this tasty beverage can also be purchased as a bottled beverage in stores and made at home.

This drink contains 20 grams of carbohydrates, most of which is sugar. Additionally, there are 3 grams of protein and no fat grams present. Consumption of excess sugars and carbohydrates has been linked to obesity and other health problems; by cutting back your consumption this drink could lower risk factors for high blood pressure and heart disease.

There are various strategies you can employ to lower the calorie count of a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte, such as replacing the traditional 2% milk with almond or soymilk and/or asking for less pumps of vanilla syrup. Furthermore, adding a mocha drizzle may further lower your beverage’s sugar intake.

Starbucks’ skinny vanilla lattes contain 110 to 120 calories, most of which come from nonfat milk. An iced version has significantly fewer calories and offers milder flavors compared to its warm counterpart; you can customize your drink further by selecting either nonfat or sugar-free vanilla syrups to meet your unique preferences.

The Starbucks app makes ordering a skinny vanilla latte easy: just choose your drink’s size and select nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup from dropdown menus. A barista will create it according to your specifications before serving you a delectable cup of coffee!

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