How to Freeze Purple Hull Peas

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Purple hull peas are an adaptable legume, and can be frozen to preserve both their taste and texture. In order to freeze purple hull peas correctly, blanching them first will ensure optimal results: boil for two minutes then immerse in cold water to chill.

This process deactivates enzymes that may spoil your frozen peas during freezing. Once done, they should be chilled down and packaged up for storage.


Purple hull peas, also referred to as cowpeas or Southern peas, are a type of pea most frequently enjoyed fresh in the South. Boasting mild flavor with slightly different texture than black-eyed peas, fresh purple hull peas can last several days before needing to be frozen in order to retain their freshness and preserve flavor – or frozen ones can even be used in soups and stews!

Blanching purple hull peas is the first step towards freezing them, as this process involves placing them in boiling water for two minutes before being transferred to an ice water bath to stop the cooking process and maintain color and flavor while making sure they are fully cooked before being frozen.

Once drained and cooled, frozen purple hull peas may be stored in an airtight freezer bag or plastic freezer container for later use. Be sure to label with date for maximum shelf life – up to six months can be stored frozen!

Addition of salt can help preserve purple hull peas for longer and prevent them from freezing together and becoming mushy when frozen, though excess amounts may alter their flavor and result in spoilage. It is important not to overdo it when adding salt as too much could alter their final product taste.

Frozen peas in small batches is also recommended to ensure even blanching and storage for an extended period. Furthermore, keeping them in a dark location will help them retain their color and texture for as long as possible.

Purple hull peas are an excellent source of fiber and protein. Additionally, they’re loaded with vitamin A and potassium – making them a tasty choice for stews, soups and side dishes such as Hoppin’ John. With our simple homemade method you can enjoy these delectable legumes year-round!


Purple hull peas are a delicious legume grown throughout the south that are an integral component of soul food cuisine. These versatile vegetables can be prepared several ways and often served alongside meat such as bacon for an smoky touch, as well as providing protein and fiber content.

Store purple hull peas easily by using various methods, including blanching. Blanching preserves both their color and texture for long-term storage; during this process, peas are blanched in boiling water for one or two minutes before being quickly cooled after blanching so as to prevent overcooking.

Once the peas have cooled, they can be quickly and conveniently frozen in an airtight zipper-top bag or freezer-safe container for storage for up to one year in your freezer – saving both money and time in grocery bills! This simple method helps save both time and effort when shopping.

This simple yet delectable purple hull peas recipe can be prepared on either the stove or slow cooker and with either fresh or frozen frozen peas. They’re then simmered in chicken broth with onion, garlic, bay leaves for flavor before being served alongside rice and cornbread as an incredibly tasty and nutritious meal!

Fresh purple hull peas are great, but not always available. Therefore, many people turn to frozen purple hull peas in their cooking as an affordable solution with similar taste to fresh peas – and longer storage life than fresh makes frozen purple hull peas an economical choice for anyone who loves purple hull peas!

To create this dish, combine purple hull peas with chicken broth in a large pot and cover with a lid for one hour. After an hour has passed, uncover and simmer for another 30 minutes. At this time add any pieces of ham or bacon you would like cooked until crispy releasing their fat drippings – stir the mixture to incorporate and enjoy your dish!


Purple hull peas are an iconic side dish in Southern cuisine. Although these legumes resemble black-eyed peas in flavor and texture, purple hull peas differ by being less grainy and creamy in texture – a combination that pairs beautifully with pork or ham dishes. Although best enjoyed during their peak summer season, frozen purple hull peas can also be stored away to use later – saving time, money, and energy in the kitchen! To freeze these legumes safely: first blanch and cool; once cool place them into an airtight container or bag to prevent freezer burn.

To prepare purple hull peas for freezing, first thoroughly rinse them while also removing any stones or other debris present. Secondly, fill a large pot with water and bring it to boil; add in your purple hull peas once boiling; cook them for two minutes; drain and immediately transfer into ice water to cool before placing back in their original containers for storage.

Once the peas have cooled down, they should be frozen using a zipper-lock bag and labeled. Labeling the bag also helps track their shelf life and protect against freezer burn. Ideally, vacuum sealing would also work better as this will eliminate much of the air that enters through zipper-lock seals – further protecting from freezer burn.

Use a pressure canner to preserve purple hull peas for use later. First, thoroughly clean 1 quart canning jars and rings before filling them with water, vegetable broth or chicken stock until peas are covered by one inch. You may wish to include pieces of smoked pork while boiling vegetables as this can also prevent future cooking processes from turning the purple hull peas into mush.


Purple hull peas are an incredibly versatile legume, providing year-round enjoyment when frozen for later use. From soups and stews, to desserts and cereal, purple hull peas can be eaten fresh or canned or frozen; their pods can either be consumed whole or shelled. Their pods can even be found fresh at farmers markets and grocery stores! During their prime seasons, purple hull peas can even be purchased fresh at farmers markets and grocery stores!

Blanching purple hull peas before freezing them is essential to maintaining their flavor and texture, as well as loosening their skin for easier removal once frozen. Blanching can help preserve this aspect of their flavor as well as ease removal once they have frozen over.

Once the peas are cool, they should be packaged into airtight freezer bags or containers and marked with their date of freezing to prevent freezer burn and ensure fresh peas when they thaw out.

Frozen purple hull peas can easily replace fresh peas in any recipe, such as soups, stews and casseroles – they even make great salad toppings or additions for omelettes! Not only are frozen purple hull peas easy to use; they are an ideal solution for those seeking to eliminate pesticide use from their diets.

Freezing purple hull peas is an effective way of saving them for later use, although it requires slightly more work than canning them. You can either freeze them raw in a colander, then drain and rinse before cooking, or can them. Before beginning, it’s essential that all canning jars and lids be thoroughly washed and dried so they will seal securely; use paper towels or rags if necessary to absorb excess moisture.

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