How to Make Chocolate Flower Bouquets

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Use this simple technique to craft stunning chocolate flowers for the tops of cakes. Create chocolate tulips, daffodils and sunflowers as part of an attractive spring bouquet!

Submerge each spoon in melted chocolate until completely covered and place on a lined baking sheet (with chocolate facing upward). Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Make the base

Chocolate flower bouquets make an impressive homemade present for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Easter – and are quick and easy to create! Guaranteed to impress anyone who receives one. Homemade gifts also show someone took time and effort into creating them especially for you – something store bought can’t do!

Start off by gathering chocolate bars and a vase. For optimal results, choose high-quality chocolate with at least 80% cocoa content; these can usually be found in grocery stores or online chocolate shops. In addition, a box or tray for holding them and some tissue paper or decorative ribbon will complete your setup.

Begin with a sheet of acetate and piping bag filled with tempered chocolate. Acetate is a plastic film that will prevent your chocolate from sticking to surfaces like countertops and bowls, and allows for even-sized petals with ease and speedy creation of flowers. Wilton candy melts or Merckens chocolate chips are popular options; other brands may work just as well.

Once your chocolate has set, it’s time to begin creating the petals of a flower. Start by layering one petal. Next, layer three more around it. Finally, finish by adding a dollop of chocolate and some yellow sprinkles for an authentic flower center!

For creating roses, more petals will be required than for other flower projects. Start out with 8 petals before working your way down to three for the bud and make sure each petal features a frilled edge for more lifelike texture. Also make sure that cornflour dusting keeps happening to prevent chocolate from sticking too quickly!

Once your petals have been completed, assembling your bouquet can begin! Add a dollop of melted chocolate in the centre of each flower before layering up petals – once finished add green florist tape at the base of each stem as a finishing touch!

Make the petals

Chocolate flowers are an elegant touch for any cake decoration, being easier and quicker to create than their sugar counterparts. Their brightly hued petals come together quickly in different hues for any theme imaginable! Use one for topping off individual layers, or assemble various sizes into bouquets to decorate an entire sheet cake and bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any special event like your wedding cake.

For this design, you will require some ready-made tempered chocolate, as well as some large piece of baking paper and 10 spoons. Begin by dipping one spoon back into the melted chocolate to cover, before placing it back onto your baking paper and freezing for 15 minutes before repeating with the rest.

Once the chocolate has set completely, use a well-floured tool (e.g. the end of a skewer) to pull each petal from its spoon, flatten it outwards from its centre with light pressure, then gently warm each petal before shaping – this will allow more flexible modeling chocolate which hardens quickly when cold.

Once each petal has been formed, transfer them to a foam pad and gently press each against its neighbor until stacked into layers and creating the shape of a rose. For added dimension and detail, run a sculpting tool or the end of a skewer across their tips while drawing it towards you to curve them and add shape.

Carefully transfer the petals on their baking paper to curved patty pans and set aside for 5 minutes to set before taking their time removing each piece from its paper covering. When they have set, you can then remove their paper covering.

To finish off your flower, pipe a low swirl of frosting on its base so the petals have something to attach themselves to. Add chocolate petals gradually overlapping them slightly as you go along until all desired petals have been added and complete your design by placing a sixlet or candy pearl in its center.

Add extra petals to your chocolate rose for an oversized flower, or layer up multiple designs! Or simply leave it as a standalone decoration or give as a thoughtful present!

Make the centre

Chocolate roses use similar techniques as their sugar paste counterparts, yet don’t require any drying time – making the creation and placement on cakes much quicker! Modelling chocolate allows these roses to be formed into various forms quickly while providing more intricate details, like curved centres.

Start by shaping a petal out of modeling chocolate (in the color that matches your petals). Shape it to form a flat circle, and use a skewer dusted with corn flour to drag one well-shaped pointed petal around its base until you have formed an entire petal set, adding more points as you go to shape its petals and curve them outwards.

Once all the petals have been assembled, add the flower center. Melt a small ball of yellow modelling chocolate until it becomes warm enough to apply, then drop the ball of chocolate between each petal before using a well-floured dresden tool or sharp side of a skewer to stipple it and secure its position. Repeat for each flower for extra detail and an attractive finishing touch.

Simply pipe some medium sized dots of tinted green chocolate coating onto a parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet and once set, pipe out some leaf shapes from them using scissors and glue them onto your flower bases with some tempered chocolate. Cut leaf shapes out from them after it has set before attaching them with more tempered chocolate to complete this beautiful chocolate flower display! These flowers make beautiful additions to any simple buttercream or fondant wedding cake or as part of an original contemporary decoration design scheme by arranging on an edge tier as part of a more modern aesthetic or use them as part of a stunning centrepiece on top.

Make the stem

This flower is an easy and attractive addition to a chocolate cake, constructed using any color of modeling chocolate in various sizes and shapes for petals. Quality chocolate should be used since this project will last over time and requires strong durability.

To create the flower stem, begin by rolling out a circle of chocolate on a sheet of parchment paper into an extremely thin sheet, cutting out one or more petal shapes from it, and repeating this process several times to form more petals of various sizes and shapes. For the most realistic look, strive to shape each petal slightly overlapped or curve slightly so they give an appearance similar to real rose petals – once all petals have been formed you can then add the center.

Make sure the chocolate is completely set before attaching any of these candy pieces, as even small amounts of melted chocolate may help secure its place. Use any remaining chocolate to give the flower more stability at its base.

Once your flowers have dried, you can use them to decorate a buttercream-iced cake. For added dimension and depth, consider including some long stemmed chocolate flowers with their individual leaves for more complete designs.

If you’re giving flowers as a present, they can be wrapped with some kraft paper shred filler and tied with ribbon to give them an elegant presentation before handing them off to someone special.

If you are using chocolate to decorate a cake, storing it in the fridge until just before serving can keep its flower nice and crisp and prevent any possible melting when transferred from fridge to cake. Alternatively, glass bowls covered with plastic wrap could also work well to store this decorative addition.

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