How to Make Perfectly Crispy Frozen Chicken Wings in an Air Fryer

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Frozen chicken wings are quick and simple to air fry without the need for any thawing! Enjoy this healthier take on classic comfort food served plain or covered in your preferred sauce!

Air fryer brands vary in terms of the speed at which they cook, so your exact time for preparation may differ depending on which air fryer brand is being used. When adding wings to the basket, make sure they remain in one layer and do not become overcrowded.


Air fryer frozen chicken wings are quick and easy to make without any need for thawing, making a healthier version of classic comfort food that everyone adores. Enjoy hot and fresh wings right out of the air fryer or add additional flavor with sauce of your choice for maximum deliciousness! These crispy yet juicy treats make a satisfying snack that everyone is sure to love!

For this recipe, you will require frozen chicken wings of any brand and an oil of your choosing (olive or coconut oils are great options); cooking spray may work too but may not deliver as crisp results.

As soon as your air fryer has reached 400F, open up the bag of frozen wings and remove half the portions to place in a bowl for drizzles with desired amount of oil (this might prove challenging as portions tend to freeze together and stick together, so be patient while drizzle). Finally, toss frozen wing portions into oil for additional coating before seasoning as desired with salt and pepper for seasoning!

Next, arrange the wings in an even layer in an air fryer basket and pat down with paper towels to soak up excess moisture. Cooking should take approximately 10 minutes, or until the wings reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F as measured with either an instant digital meat thermometer or by feeling them with your fingers.

Once the chicken has been fully cooked, drain any liquid from the air fryer basket if necessary and return wings in one layer to cook for another 10-15 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking time if needed. As times can differ depending on your air fryer size, be sure to monitor them closely so as to extend cooking times if necessary.

Once the wings have finished cooking, allow them to cool for several minutes before coating them in your favorite sauce – this could range from plain buffalo sauce all the way through honey garlic parmesan or Asian-inspired options. Once coated evenly with your chosen flavor of sauce, enjoy!


Frozen chicken wings typically take longer to cook than fresh ones, so allow enough time for their preparation. Preheating an air fryer can speed up this process by quickly heating its interior to get those insides hot and crispy faster. Once hot, layer frozen wings into one single layer in your basket – they should not overlap as this helps avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket; if your air fryer can’t accommodate all the frozen wings at once, cook in batches instead.

As wings require constant turning during their cooking process, be sure to frequently shake the air fryer to ensure even cooking. They should be finished when their skin has turned into a deep golden hue and is crispy; if necessary, adjust the temperature of your air fryer accordingly for additional minutes at higher temps if they don’t look quite ready yet.

Once the wings have been cooked, season them according to your liking with any rub or sauce of your choosing; or enjoy them plain – they go great with any type of dipping sauce like Buffalo BBQ honey garlic Parmesan Asian!

For extra crispy wings, spray them with olive oil before baking them – this helps create a crispy outer shell while adding flavor. Baking powder may also help them crisp up further.

If you prefer not using an air fryer, a 400 degree oven will produce perfectly delicious wings with perfectly crisped skins and delicious flavor! Just allow extra baking time than with an air fryer for optimal results.

Air fryers are an amazing way to quickly prepare delicious meals in no time at all. These chicken wings make the perfect starter before dinner, snack while watching sports or movie night snack, or late night munchie! Plus they store well in both your fridge or freezer so that they’ll be there waiting when hunger strikes again – enjoy!

Keeping Them Crispy

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Wings Crispy: How Can It Be Done? The key to successfully air frying frozen chicken wings lies in not overcrowding your basket with food; ensure there’s ample air circulation by placing all chicken in one layer and leaving enough space between each piece so air can flow through freely.

Shaking the basket every five minutes while cooking will ensure even results, and adding olive oil or cooking spray before placing your chicken wings into an air fryer will further ensure crispier wings.

If olive oil isn’t to your taste, other cooking oils will work just as well for air frying chicken wings. Canola oil, avocado oil and vegetable oil all offer neutral-flavored options that won’t alter the flavor of your wings.

Once the frozen chicken has been covered with your chosen oil, season them with salt and pepper or use a dry rub such as lemon pepper for additional flavor. Finally, place them into an air fryer until they become crunchy; be sure to flip wings halfway through cooking time!

No matter the style you prefer – from traditional Buffalo to something more exotic – these delicious frozen air fryer chicken wings will satisfy any palate! No thawing needed and ready in under 25 minutes; making these the ideal solution for busy families or anyone on a weight loss diet!

This recipe offers a healthier alternative to deep-fried chicken wings that are often high in fat, calories and sodium content. Plus, this dish is suitable for low carb, keto, paleo and gluten-free diets! Enjoy this tasty appetizer with your preferred dipping sauce!


Once your air fryer has produced perfectly cooked frozen chicken wings, you can store them for up to three days in the fridge before reheating them in about five minutes for maximum crispiness! This method is great if you need to prepare large batches for parties or events as it saves you time in the kitchen!

Keep your wings extra crunchy after they come out of the air fryer by basting them with melted butter and seasonings for extra crunchiness! This simple method only needs minimal ingredients and preparation time – simply mix melted butter with your preferred seasonings, then brush over wings once fully cooked for audibly crispiness!

After cooking your wings, feel free to add an additional dipping sauce for extra flavor. However, make sure they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before introducing any toppings or extra flavors – this step is especially crucial if cooking raw or frozen chicken instead of thawed chicken as the latter will contain more moisture which prevents crispy interior meat.

Cooking times will depend on both your air fryer and size of wings, so be sure to monitor them frequently and shake the basket during cooking to prevent sticking together. Also use a digital meat thermometer as this is the best way to ensure complete food safety and ensure they’re done in no time!

Make a quick and tasty dinner everyone will love with homemade air fryer frozen chicken wings from your air fryer! They’re extremely crispy and taste delicious when served with your choice of sauce such as Buffalo or Ranch dressing, as well as being served alongside healthy vegetables such as baby carrots or celery sticks for extra nutrition.

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