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3+ Awesome Marmite Substitutes: Exploring the World of Savory Spreads

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Whether you love it or hate it, Marmite has long been a staple in kitchens across the globe. This salty, savory spread is a favorite for many, but it can sometimes be difficult to find or too expensive for some budgets. Thankfully, several Marmite substitutes are available, offering a similar taste and a variety of uses.

3+ Awesome Marmite Substitutes: Exploring the World of Savory Spreads
marmite love

This article will explore some of the best alternatives to Marmite, their uses and benefits, and even some extra topics to help you get the most out of your savory spread experience.

Best Marmite Substitutes

While Marmite is certainly unique in taste, there are a number of alternatives that offer a similar flavor profile. Some of the most popular Marmite substitutes include:


Australia’s answer to Marmite, Vegemite is a popular yeast extract spread that is similar in taste but with a slightly thicker texture.

Fresh Vegemite
Fresh Vegemite

Though it may be slightly less intense in flavor, Vegemite still provides the same umami punch that Marmite fans love.


Another Australian favorite, Promite is a vegetable and yeast extract spread.

Jar of Promite
Jar of Promite

Its taste is milder and sweeter than Marmite or Vegemite, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a less intense flavor.


Originally developed in the United Kingdom, Bovril is a meat-based spread made from beef extract.

Bovril On Toast
Bovril On Toast

It offers a rich, savory taste that is similar to Marmite but with a slightly meatier flavor.

Yeast Extract

Yeast extract spreads, like Marmite, are made from a byproduct of the brewing industry. These spreads can vary in taste and texture but generally offer a similar umami flavor profile.

Essential yeast extract
Essential yeast extract

Look for generic or store-brand options, which may be more affordable than Marmite.

Miso Paste

Originating in Japanese cuisine, miso paste is a fermented soybean paste that can serve as one of the versatile Marmite substitutes in some recipes. With its rich, savory, and salty flavor, miso paste delivers a distinct umami taste reminiscent of Marmite.

Miso Paste

Each type has unique flavor profile and intensity and is available in different varieties such as white, red, and mixed miso. While miso paste is not an exact match for Marmite, it can still add depth and complexity to soups, stews, sauces, and marinades.

Uses and Benefits

Marmite and its substitutes are not only delicious on toast, but they also have a variety of culinary uses and health benefits. Some of the most popular ways to incorporate these spreads into your cooking include:

Adding Umami Flavor

Use Marmite substitutes to boost the umami flavor in dishes like soups, stews, and sauces. A small amount can add depth and complexity to the flavors of your meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking

Many Marmite alternatives, such as Vegemite and yeast extract spreads, are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Use them to enhance the flavors of meatless dishes or as a seasoning in plant-based recipes.

Marinades and Glazes

These spreads’ savory, salty taste makes them excellent ingredients for marinades and glazes. Use them to add flavor to meats, vegetables, and even tofu.

Health Benefits

Yeast extract spreads like Marmite and Vegemite are a rich source of B vitamins, including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid. These vitamins play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy nervous system and may help to reduce fatigue.

Homemade Marmite Substitute

If you prefer a DIY approach, you can create your own Marmite substitute at home using ingredients like nutritional yeast, vegetable bouillon, and soy sauce. Experiment with different ratios to achieve the desired taste and consistency.

International Varieties

Many countries have their own unique takes on yeast extract spreads. For example, Cenovis is a popular option in Switzerland, while Vitam-R is favored in Germany. By exploring international varieties, you can experience a range of flavors and textures, broadening your culinary horizons.

Pairing with Other Foods

Marmite and its substitutes can be enjoyed with various foods beyond toast. Try pairing them with crackers, cheese, or even mixed into scrambled eggs. The salty, savory flavor can also complement sweeter ingredients, like avocado or tomato, for a balanced and satisfying snack.

Reducing Salt Intake

While Marmite and its substitutes offer a range of health benefits, they can also be high in sodium. To reduce your salt intake, consider using a low-sodium alternative or simply use smaller amounts of the spread in your cooking.


Whether you’re a die-hard Marmite fan looking for a more affordable option or simply curious about the world of savory spreads, there is no shortage of delicious and versatile Marmite substitutes to explore. From Vegemite and Promite to homemade concoctions, you can find an alternative that suits your taste buds and dietary preferences. So experiment with different spreads, cooking techniques, and pairings to elevate your culinary creations and satisfy your umami cravings.

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