5 Awesome Sweet Soy Sauce Substitutes – For Different Foods

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If you need Sweet Soy Sauce for something but do not find it in the kitchen, there are some substitutes. You can turn an ordinary dish into an amazing one with a few minor changes! This guide will give you all the information you need to create delicious recipes with great Sweet Soy Sauce Substitutes. From stir-fries to marinades, it’s time to make every mealtime extraordinary!

Sweet Soy Sauce Substitutes - A Guide to Tasty Alternatives

5 Best Sweet Soy Sauce Substitutes:

Here are 5 best Sweet Soy Sauce Substitutes:

Hoisin Sauce:

Hoisin sauce is a thick, dark sauce used in Chinese food. It has a sweet and salty flavor similar to sweet soy sauce. Hoisin sauce is made from soybeans, garlic, vinegar, and spices. You can use it to make meat or vegetables taste better or dip your dumplings.

Here are some tips for using hoisin sauce as a substitute for sweet soy sauce:

Make Hoisin Sauce your go-to: If you ever need a sweeter, thicker substitute for sweet soy sauce, Hoisin is the way to go. Start by blending it with equal water or soy sauce, then adjust according to your taste preference. You’ll be able to create a delicious dish that everyone will love quickly!

  • Adjust the sweetness: Hoisin sauce can taste relatively mild compared to sweet soy sauce. To amplify its sweetness and make it comparable to the other condiment, consider adding a touch of sugar or honey – start with a little bit first and adjust accordingly!
  • Experiment with flavors: When cooking with Hoisin sauce, you’ll get a unique flavor profile that may require some other ingredients to create the perfect balance. Add garlic, ginger, or chili flakes to your dish for additional flavor. This will ensure your meal has the right combination of tastes and textures.
  • Use inappropriate dishes: Hoisin sauce is frequently a main ingredient in Chinese delicacies like Peking duck, spring rolls, and stir-fries. But this isn’t the ideal choice for all sweet soy dishes. It may be used to replace sweet soy sauce in marinades or dipping sauces, but it won’t work out as well when utilized on Indonesian or Thai-style fried noodles based on sweet soy flavorings.

Remember that while hoisin sauce can work as a substitute for sweet soy sauce in a pinch, it may not be an exact replacement. The best way to ensure your dish comes out well is to use the specified ingredients, but hoisin sauce can still be a tasty alternative if that’s not possible.


Molasses is a sweet syrup that is often used as a sugar alternative, and it has a deep, rich flavor that is similar to soy sauce. Molasses is made from the juice of sugarcane or sugar beets that have been boiled and condensed.

How to use molasses as a substitute for sweet soy sauce:

Swap out the sweet soy sauce for molasses next time you cook if desired, though bear in mind that the flavor profile will be somewhat different. Classically savory and sweet, sweet soy sauce has a unique taste compared to the deeply caramelized sweetness of its counterpart – Molasses.

To substitute molasses for sweet soy sauce, carry out these steps:

  1. To make a simple lovely soy sauce alternative, combine one tablespoon of molasses with an equal amount of regular soy sauce.
  2. Check the mixture and modify it to your desired taste. Boost the umami flavor profile by adding soy sauce or salt, or bring out a bit of sweetness with fish sauce. Adjust as necessary until you are pleased with the flavor!
  3. If the recipe necessitates a specific quantity of sweet soy sauce, use an equal amount of molasses-soy sauce combination in its place.
  4. When adding molasses to your dish, keep in mind that the color of your meal will likely become darker, which may affect how it looks.

Taking into consideration the subtle differences in flavor, molasses can be an excellent substitution for sweet soy sauce when used in recipes.

Brown Sugar:

Brown sugar is a sweetener that can be used instead of sweet soy sauce, and it has a rich caramel flavor similar to sweet soy sauce’s sweetness. Brown sugar is made from white sugar and molasses.

Why Should you use it?

While brown sugar and sweet soy sauce have similarities in sweetness and flavor depth, they are not equivalents. However, depending on the preparation and expected effect, using brown sugar as a substitute for sweetened soy sauce may be suitable in some circumstances.

Here are some reasons why you should use brown sugar instead of sweet soy sauce:

Brown sugar is sweet; thus, it may offer the same sweetness as sweet soy sauce. Nonetheless, you may need more brown sugar because it is less concentrated to achieve the desired sweetness.

Brown sugar has a natural caramel flavor comparable to sweet soy sauce and may give depth to your cuisine.

Color: Brown sugar, like sweet soy sauce, may provide a similar hue to your food. The color, however, may not be as vivid as when using sweet soy sauce.

That said, it’s crucial to remember that sweet soy sauce includes additional characteristics that brown sugar may lack, such as the umami flavor of soy sauce. Also, sweet soy sauce has a thicker viscosity than brown sugar, which may impact the texture of your meal.

Maple Syrup:

Why not consider maple syrup if you’re looking for an alternative to sweet soy sauce? Its woodsy sweetness pairs perfectly with the flavor of traditional sweet soy sauce and is widely enjoyed in Canada and the US. This delicious condiment is made from boiling down sap harvested directly from Maple trees!

How to use maple syrup as a substitute for sweet soy sauce:

  • Mix maple syrup with an equal amount of soy sauce and water to substitute for sweet soy sauce.
  • Customize the quantity of maple syrup depending on your preference, for it is much more intense than sweet soy sauce. Try this alternative in recipes that call for a marinade or glaze using sweet soy sauce to add an extra layer of sweetness and depth to your meal!

Balsamic Glaze:

Reach for the stars with a delicious balsamic glaze! This mouth-watering combination of sweet and tangy flavors, derived from balsamic vinegar and sugar, is as versatile as it is tasty. Use it to liven up salads, roasted vegetables, or grilled meats – just like soy sauce!

How to use balsamic glaze as a substitute for sweet soy sauce:

  • Replace sweet soy sauce with equivalent balsamic glaze in recipes to create a delightful, flavorful twist!
  • Balance the sweetness of your dish by customizing the amount of balsamic glaze. Remember, it is slightly sweeter than soy sauce– so increase or decrease as necessary to achieve a taste that perfectly fits your palate. If you’d like more saltiness without compromising on sweet notes, adding just a dash of soy sauce can do the trick!

Make your own:

If you do not have all these substitutes, make your own sweet soy sauce. Here is a video for preparation:

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I use regular soy sauce as a substitute for sweet soy sauce?

A: Saltier and lacking the sweetness that sweet soy sauce offers, regular soy sauce won’t cut it if you’re looking for an adequate substitution.

Q: Is sweet soy sauce the same as teriyaki sauce?

A: Although they may appear similar, sweet soy sauce and teriyaki sauce are two completely distinct sauces. Teriyaki is a mix of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin or sake, while sweet soy contains the same ingredients and spices.


When you’re in a pinch and can’t find sweet soy sauce, don’t worry! Several substitutes can give your dishes the same sweet and savory flavor. Hoisin sauce, molasses, brown sugar, maple syrup, and balsamic glaze are all great alternatives that can be used in various recipes. Try them out and experiment to find the best substitute for your favorite dishes.

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