What to Put Tajin on Your Food

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Tajin seasoning mix contains dehydrated chili peppers, salt and lime juice in various combinations – regular and low sodium blends available for purchase.

Tajin spices elevate sweet, succulent fruit like mangoes, pineapples and cantaloupe into something truly memorable. Crisp pears and juicy orange slices also benefit from Tajin.


Tajin is an easy and delicious way to add some zesty flair to breakfast, whether that means scrambled or grilled eggs, hash, hashbrowns or adding the tart citrusy punch of lime to bacon – Tajin has something special in store!

Tajin sauce goes well with many fruits. It is especially useful in dressing esquites – an extremely sweet street food corn snack which becomes particularly delectable during summer and autumn – adding an infusion of spicy chile pepper and citrusy lime flavor into what may otherwise be an uninspiring side dish.

Tajin is an indispensable ingredient in guacamole, as well as adding depth of flavor to white fish dishes such as plain whitefish. The combination of chile and lime enhances its underlying sweetness nicely. Tajin also works well as an ingredient for shrimp ceviche and homemade cocktail sauce recipes.


An extra sprinkle of Tajin on top of ceviche will spice it up and add an unexpected punch of salty flavor. Plus, its lime notes and chili pepper flavor work beautifully alongside all sorts of fruits and veggies found in ceviche!

Ceviche, a popular South American dish, uses citric acid-laced lime juice to “cook” fish or seafood by dissolving its proteins into an edible form – seemingly raw but actually cooked – so it allows you to enjoy fresh and unprocessed seafood without going to restaurants or risking disease-causing bacteria contamination.

For the best ceviche, opt for recipes using skinless fish such as snapper, bass or halibut and use a quick marinating time so the center remains raw. Serve your ceviche alongside some pieces of jicama, chunks of fresh pineapple, plantain chips or even some toasted taro (or regular) slices topped off with Tajin as a fruit condiment and as an optional drink rim salt when making margaritas, Blood Marys or cold beer cocktails!


Tajin’s combination of salty, sweet, and tangy flavors enhance the sweetness of fruit, making it perfect for topping watermelons, mangoes, cantaloupe, and cantaloupe with. Also try adding it to salads or tossing it with crunchy vegetables such as carrots or jicama for even more taste sensation!

Tajin is an essential addition to your summer picnic basket, pairing perfectly with grilled pineapple’s sweet-and-smoky flavors and also providing extra depth of flavor in corn on the cob and avocado slices.

Tajin adds the perfect fruity sweetness to homemade paleta (frozen fruit smoothie) when sprinkled onto fruit cups or blended into the mixture. Furthermore, Tajin works great as an ingredient in guacamole or hummus or as a cocktail glass rim-rimmer! For a festive touch on holiday-related days like Easter or Valentine’s Day cut fruit into holiday shapes (such as bunnies for Easter, stars for July 4th or hearts) before sprinkling Tajin as garnish.


Tajin is an essential ingredient in most Mexican kitchens and you can easily find it at most grocery stores. Packed in clear bottles with labels bearing the colors of their country flag, Tajin contains mild red chile peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime peels/juice formulated to perfectly combine together for optimal flavor. Tajin also comes in low sodium versions for quick on-the-go consumption as well as individual packets for use at work or school.

Chile-lime pairs well with fruits, vegetables and proteins alike – you can count on tajin to add instant flavor and zesty bite to any plate! Popular toppings for fresh fruit like mangoes and watermelons as well as vegetables such as carrots, jicama and cucumber.

Salt adds an irresistibly savory element to dishes like tacos and grilled chicken or steak, with Carillo Arronte suggesting using it as an easy flavor shortcut in marinades and spice rubs for quick meals throughout the week. Salt can also help enhance dips such as hummus and guacamole and even spice up roast vegetables as part of an effortless weeknight dinner solution.


Tajin’s unique combination of salty, sour, and sweet flavors complement a range of taco fillings perfectly – including fruit cups with mixed fruits; fresh veggie salads featuring carrots, jicama, and cucumber; or topping roasted vegetables or grilling corn for popular Mexican street food (esquites).

Tajin can serve as both a refreshing snack or topping and an effective way to season meat, such as chicken. Rub a chicken breast or whole roasted chicken with olive oil combined with Tajin Clasico blend and then grill as usual for the best result. Tajin also makes an ideal finishing salt when sprinkled on shrimp, steak or fish before grilling or sauteing!

Tajin can add zest to dips and spreads such as hummus, guacamole, bean dips and more. It also makes an amazing finishing touch on dishes such as roasted potatoes or sunny side-up eggs! Both versions of Tajin come with reduced sodium intake in mind; find it at most Hispanic grocery stores as well as online.


Tajin’s tangy-sweet mix adds the perfect finishing touch to fruits and beverages, including mango, pineapple and watermelons, or mixed into fruit salad jars. Tajin’s versatile spice blend brightens any refreshing snack or beverage, from fresh slices of mango, pineapple or watermelons to stirred into fruit salad jars, making every snack more appealing. Plus it goes great with salty snacks like potato chips or stovetop popcorn as well as mixed into homemade snack mixes!

Tajin is an essential addition to any restaurant or bar’s kitchen, as its versatility allows them to add flavor and flair to virtually every beverage they serve. Use Tajin on glass rims for margaritas or micheladas; or as an interesting twist in non-alcoholic options like lemonade and limeade drinks.

Tajin can add a delicious sweet-and-spicy kick to fruit platters or kabobs during summer barbecues and platters; make holiday-themed desserts like bunnies for Easter, stars for 4th of July fireworks displays or hearts on Valentine’s Day; add it to grilled or buttered corn for street foods in Mexico like Elote for an authentic street food experience; use Tajin as an ingredient to add festive holiday-themed themed desserts like bunnies for Easter!


Tajin has become an essential ingredient in Latino markets and grocery stores alike, creating the ideal contrast of flavor between dishes that use Tajin. Made up of salt, chili peppers, dehydrated lime juice and various other spices – Tajin offers something different with every bite!

Tajin pairs perfectly with sweet-flavored fruits such as mango, pineapple and kiwis. Furthermore, Tajin’s citrusy-salty combination provides an unforgettable flavor combination in guacamole or can even replace traditional salt rims on margaritas and micheladas!

If you’re in search of an irresistibly tasty snack, Tajin makes for an irresistibly chile-lime twist to store-bought popcorn or salty crackers and nuts. Or for convenience on-the-go, add it as an irresistibly rich addition.

Make an impression at your next potluck or barbecue by offering fresh dragon fruit coated in melted butter, simple syrup and Tajin seasoning as an irresistibly fruity, tart and refreshing snack! It will certainly stand out among its peers.


Tajin has become so popular that it can now be found in most grocery store produce sections (if reducing salt intake is your goal). Tajin pairs beautifully with all kinds of fruit but especially sweet varieties like mango and watermelons, making an irresistibly refreshing summer treat when added to mango smoothies, mix-and-match fruit cups or drizzled over mango smoothies! For an exciting summertime treat add squirt of lime juice with pinch of tajin for added refreshment!

Tajin adds their signature flair to classic shrimp cocktail. The succulent texture of tender shrimp is enhanced by salty chile-lime condiment, complementing perfectly the tart cocktail sauce.

Elotes, a popular summer street food consisting of corn on the cob topped with butter or mayonnaise and crumbly Mexican cheese, become even more appetizing when coated in Tajin spice for an added burst of flavor that highlights each bite. The Tajin spice brings out all its depth and complexity of taste!

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